Tailored Product Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Despite the controversial and ever-changing regulatory environment, the cannabis industry is growing more rapidly than any other business segment today.  With that growth comes a wide range of challenges that require an educated and proactive approach to risk management, specific to the risks associated with all aspects of the cannabis industry.

The industry professionals at Industria Risk & Insurance Services have a clear understanding of Cannabis operations and the many unique insurance coverage limitations and exclusions that can leave your business exposed and your future in doubt.  We offer tailored insurance and risk consulting services that enable you to focus on the business of maximizing growth and profits.

  • Retail Stores
  • Cultivation Facilities
  • Testing Facilities
  • Product Manufacturing Facilities
  • Processors
  • Distributors
  • Laboratories
  • Couriers

You get a bespoke insurance solution that fits your needs—a customized way to insure your risk and insurance needs are covered, giving your consumers and vendor partners the peace of mind required to maintain those partnerships. Our experts will carefully examine your needs and work closely with you to develop creative solutions for new programs or expand upon existing ones. All while helping you reduce costs and increase revenue streams.

You get a total cost of risk solution that drives positive financial returns through the use of proper safety and security measures while providing five star service for your unique cannabis operation. Your risk and insurance solutions can be designed to achieve the necessary coverage enhancements and cost savings you deserve.


We use cannabis specialists as your day-to-day service team who are truly experts in understanding your risk and insurance needs.

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